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About Us | Wanda's Woof Waggin - Pasadena

We have mobile pet grooming services to cater to your pets’ needs

Wanda Barton and Kathy Kellog operate Wanda’s Woof Waggin. They are both dedicated to bringing professional services for all pet owners in Pasadena. With over 25 years of experience, Wanda’s Woof Waggin has perfected the craft of pet grooming. We have mobile spas where our professionals can pamper your pets. We offer a friendly and stress-free environment so that pets will never feel threatened. In addition, we use air-filtration systems to purify our vans in order to get rid of any smells. Our 7-day on call services are specially designed for busy pet owners.

There are many pet owners who think they can do the grooming on their own better than us. This may be true for simple grooming needs. As professionals, we have special tools and methods that effectively make pets look and feel clean and healthy.

There are many reasons why you should trust Wanda’s Woof Waggin for your pet’s grooming needs. Our groomers are trained in how to perform healthy and safe grooming. They know what exactly they must do to groom pets and avoid injuries. Hiring us means grooming without the cuts, scratches and the possibility of infection. We can apply appropriate treatment for any skin problems. We also thoroughly inspect the pet’s paws for punctures, cuts and thorns and apply antiseptic.

Wanda’s Woof Wagging has innovative and fully-equipped vans that can go around delivering our special services. We have wide range of grooming supplies to make sure that every pet gets the most appropriate grooming for their comfort and safety.

Do not think twice when it comes to horse and dog grooming. Prioritize their physical and mental health by contacting us at Wanda’s Woof Waggin. We promise we can provide you with services that will let you enjoy both short and long-term benefits.

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