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A wonderful, pleasant, stress free environment for your pet. Ask about your complimentary gift with your spa appointment. Ask me about Pawdicures! Ask me about organic vitamins. Ask me for any advice about your pets.

Mobile Grooming - Wanda's Woof Waggin

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Our mobile grooming services offer a specially designed spa for your pets. The mobile spa provides you the option to take your pet to a warm therapeutic massaging bath. There are a lot of benefits that our massage services can give to your pet. It makes them feel relaxed. Our professionals are trained to provide effective massage that targets the pet’s important muscle groups and boosts circulation. It also helps de-stress them. After our service, you can expect your dog to be more behaved and active.

We also offer medicated colloidal bath and cream rinses. For flea removal, we have organic shampoos and dips that will completely remove all these harmful parasites. We specialize in handling pets with irritated and troubled skin. We also use organic tea tree and lavender oils.

Other mobile grooming services include clipping, bathing and deshedding treatments, nail painting and nail clipping, anal gland expression, ear cleaning and flushing, teeth and gum brushing. Your pet dogs, rabbits and cats can get these mobile grooming services. We deliver all these in a stress-free, wonderful and pleasant environment. One of our newest services is professional horse grooming and braiding.

It’s about time to give your pets that best pampering. Get the best mobile spa treatment for pets from Wanda’s Woof Waggin now.